Samuel Guss, Principal and Founder

Are you involved in complicated real estate transactions? 
Do you need expert financial analyses to help you compare options and determine your best path? 
Are there legal issues you need to move past? 
Are there tax consequences that should be addressed? 
Would it be helpful if your real estate advisor brought a demonstated excellence in all these areas as well as knowledge about who can provide capital?  

RED OAK CAPITAL ADVISORS, LLC is a commercial real estate capital advisory firm that provides real estate consulting and advisory services as well as assistance in obtaining debt and equity for commercial real estate. 

RED OAK can help you with the following standard transactions:

  • Permanent Financing
  • Bridge Financing
  • Construction Financing
  • Mortgage and Note Purchase Financing
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Joint Venture Equity
  • Participating Debt
  • Real Estate Sales

RED OAK also has uncommon expertise that allows it to complete innovative transactions, such as:

  • First mortgage plus mezzanine loan plus structured equity to convert a multi-family rental building to condominiums.
  • First mortgage plus mezzanine loan to facilitate a partner buyout.
  • First mortgage plus mezzanine loan to re-capitalize a high leverage renovation.
  • Entity financing to create a shopping center company.
  • Numerous separate first mortgages plus a participating cross-collateralized second mortgage.
  • Sales of mortgage notes, participations, and letters of credit.
  • Sales of partial interests in entities that own commercial real estate.
  • Rollup of Limited Partnerships into a public company.
  • Purchase of limited partnership units.

RED OAK CAPITAL ADVISORS has experience representing owners, acquirers, developers, investors, sellers, lenders, and advisors.


Samuel M. Guss - Founder and Principal
 Morristown, NJ - 07960

Representing owners, acquirers, developers, investors, sellers, lenders and advisors.